A prayer from a Jewish victim at Ravensbrück

Margaret Neill admires the extraordinary prayer below found on a scrap of paper in the clothing of a Jewish girl at Ravensbrück concentration camp.

I looked online for a photograph of the original but did not find one.  The image I’ve placed below is taken from the German newspaper, Die Welt, and shows the handwriting and face of another Ravensbrück victim: Milena Jesenská, a Czech woman and a friend and correspondent of Franz Kafka.

“O Lord, remember,

not only the men and women of good will,

but also those of ill will. 

But do not remember all the suffering

they have inflicted on us; 

remember the fruits we have borne,

thanks to this suffering: 

our comradeship, our loyalty,

our humility,

our courage, our generosity,

the greatness of heart which has grown out of all this,

and when they come to judgement,

let all the fruits we have borne be their forgiveness.”

„Darf man nachdenken, wie es einem geht?“ Milena Jesenská, geboren 1896 in Prag, starb 1944 als politischer Häftling im KZ Ravensbrück