A letter from convalescing Fr. Simon (June 22nd)

Belmont Abbey June 22nd

Dear Parishioners and friends,

It is now nearly 3 months since I was dramatically shipped off in an ambulance to the Belmont Abbey Infirmary.  Many times, at having missed yet another Newsletter, I have struck my breast with my neglect of you all.  I am so grateful for all your prayers without which I am sure that I would not have made such progress, however painfully slow it will have seemed to you and to me. Thanks to those who have been able to have visit me and have brought me presents or sent cards.  Special thanks to those who have taken over the reins in my absence, including Fr. Aidan and Fr. Slater.  How much better things seem to be!    I hope to be back in a month … after which I will be going for about 3 week’s holiday.  Dates unknown.

I am now beginning to walk again, thanks be to God and to you.  I am so conscious in my prayers of all those who will never walk again following this uniquely tragic period in our country’s history.

With all blessings and thanks,

Fr. Simon